Kerry Feltham: Filmography



Twice director of  the official U.S. entry at Cannes Film Festival (Too Much Oregano and The Waltzing Policemen), Winner, Jury

Prize at Cannes and Berlin (The Great Chicago Conspiracy Circus for New Line Cinema.  Associate Producer, Shogun, at

Paramount.  Director and writer at Warner Brothers and MGM.




Larry's Big Day                       Comedy - 14 minutes




Will to Win                                 Feature documentary  - California Shakespeare Festival




 Elusive Love                    `     Music video starring Chris Laterzo




 Impressionism to Dada in Four Minutes


                                                   Instant Art History so fast it will make your head swim.


California Flyboys

                                                   Documentary. 27 Minutes  Nutty, smart guys flying tiny planes near Malibu.




 The Optimists' Club             Comedy. 15 minutes. 


Scruffy's Big Adventure      Brazil 1 Minuto Festival


Karen Black, 

Actress at Work                     Winner, Videographer  magazine  Distinguished Video Award,

              American Cinematheque  special screening.  One hour documentary.



Shingo Honda                       Winner, Kirin Award,  Tokyo, 1997 Artist documentary

This Little Light of Mine      Documentary on an inner city church choir.


                                                                 1998 and before


 State Park                              Feature  for I.T.C.

 Too Short Toulouse           HBO comedy short

 Too Much Oregano             HBO comedy short.  Winner, Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize

 Young Bucks                        Feature- Warner Brothers Developed not shot.

 Trust Me                                 Feature - MGM.  Written, not shot.

 Chicago Story                      MGM TV dramatic series

 McClain's Law                      MGM TV  dramatic series

 Jessie                                     MGM TV  dramatic series

 Friday and Clyde                 Theatrical short.  New York, San Francisco film festivals UA theaters.

 Shogun Diary                       Paramount

 Shogun                                 (2nd unit)  Paramount


                                                 official  U.S. entry


THE GREAT CHICAGO CONSPIRACY CIRCUS  (New Line Cinema). Winner, Jury Prize at Berlin Film Festival..






Howlin' Nagila            Music video for Slingshot Releasing

Going Home               Drama with John Randolph, Jeanette Nolan, Karen Black .Winner, 

                                       Golden Plaque, Chicago Film Festival

Shogun                       Miniseries and feature for Paramount.  Associate Producer

Chicago Story           MGM-TV  Associate Producer



Directed and produced some thirty network television documentaries in Canada, England,

and the U.S., the international prize-winning  feature,




                                                                                            Director or Producer

(for CBC, CTV, BBC, SudDeutsche TV, 20th-Century Fox)


Women of the Israeli Army

At the North Pole

Bulldog Brower Eats 'em up, Beats 'em up

A Visit with Louis Armstrong


Four for the Future: Great Architects

Cuba:  the State of the Revolution

The Girl in the Fireplace

Train Spotters

Air Transport Command

Pro Ski Racers

Main Street School


Making Von Ryan’s Express  (20th-Century Fox)

Making The Sound of Music (Fox, CBC)


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